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We offer Local Authorities and Housing Associations easy access to a range of quality assured reuse furniture and household goods from local providers, without having to go through a tendering process.

Every sofa bought from us saves…

on new
from landfill
of CO2e

The benefits of choosing reuse furniture

Cost savings – our quality items typically cost 20 – 60% less than new equivalents. Every sofa you buy from us saves you approximately £100 compared to the cost of buying new.

Reducing landfill and carbon emissions – contributing to your sustainability targets and a more circular economy. Every sofa you buy from us diverts approximately 40kg from going to landfill, and saves 88kg of CO2e.

Community wealth building – you will be buying from a local social enterprise, supporting training, jobs and wellbeing in your communities. Every sofa you buy from us provides vital income for a local social enterprise, paying for 4 hours of employment training or 10 food parcels.

Locate our members

Our Consortium members are all local charities and social enterprises based in communities around Scotland. Through working in partnership, and with the support of Circular Communities Scotland, the Consortium is able to provide consistent quality, supply and pricing of reuse furniture.



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