Circular Communities Scotland’s Reuse Consortium is delighted to share our 2023 Impact Report and Story, as well as highlight our new leaflet.

Our new Impact Report serves as a testament to the amazing impact the Reuse Consortium has had since it’s inception, bringing together a partnership of community-based and fully accredited reuse organisations, offering quality reuse furniture at affordable prices to communities facing barriers across Scotland.

On the same day we released our Impact Report at the end of November, we saw the Reuse Consortium win the UK Social Enterprise Market Builder Award and be represented at a conference in Ireland on Green Public Procurement  

Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency was looking for a good example outside of Ireland of Green Public Procurement and chose to highlight the Circular Communities Scotland’s Reuse Consortium. Rhoda our Reuse Consortium Coordinator was able to give a 15-minute presentation on the Consortium story; how it started, how it works as well as the benefits, challenges and opportunities of the project.

This was received well and sat alongside a very full agenda covering the wide-ranging aspects of Green Public Procurement in Ireland. Discover the Consortium story that Rhoda shared as part of our 2023 Impact Report.

Michael Cook, CEO, Circular Communities Scotland stated:

‘At Circular Communities Scotland we want to see a thriving circular economy in Scotland delivering social, environmental, and economic benefits throughout our communities. The Reuse Consortium helps us embody this vision, and we have been pleased to see it thrive and grow since its inception. We know many public sector organisations want to increase their circular and local procurement but have struggled to find a simple way to do so. We started the Reuse Consortium to make sustainable procurement from local social enterprises easier and more impactful.

We trust that you will be inspired as you read the Reuse Consortium Story and Impact Report. If you want to deliver for people and planet in your procurement, get in touch to see how the Reuse Consortium can help.”

We are also pleased to share our leaflet, which launched in October 2023 and aims to share the meaningful benefits of buying through the Consortium for existing and new buyers and members.

 We look forward to another exciting year in 2024 as we remain flexible and responsive to the changing world around us supporting local communities through our ongoing work.