A recent PSE article has highlighted the amazing power of procurement in Scotland.

Discussing Scotland’s fifth annual report into procurement activity, the press release highlights the significant financial impact that procurement has on our economy, and it’s potential to provide huge environmental and social benefits.

The report shows ‘that the economic activity generated through public spending reached more than £13 billion across 2021-2022. £16 billion was spent by the nation’s public sector, with £8.9 billion of this being spent in Scotland.”

“The report also found that £4.2 billion was spent with small or medium sized enterprises… and that 48.9% of public procurement spending in Scotland was done with suppliers within the nation’s 60% most deprived areas.”

Tom Arthur, Scottish Public Finance Minister, commented:

“It is encouraging that these figures show how public sector purchasing power helped contribute billions to the Scottish economy and supported thousands of jobs.

We are absolutely committed to continuing work to improve our public services and this report demonstrates how public sector procurement can act as a driver to generate a range of positive economic, social, and environmental benefits.”

The Reuse Consortium is proud to offer an environmental and socially beneficial alternative to traditional procurement of household items, offering reuse furniture and white goods to housing associations, local authorities and public sector bodies across the country.

Economic Benefits

By choosing to procure through the Reuse Consortium, housing associations and local authorities can ensure that their spending contributes to a circular economy. Refurbished furniture and white goods are not only cost-effective but also support local enterprises and create jobs within our communities. This local focus keeps money within the Scottish economy and fosters economic resilience.

Environmental Impact

The environmental benefits of procuring through the Reuse Consortium are substantial. Every item of furniture or white goods that is reused rather than disposed of represents a tangible reduction in waste and a corresponding decrease in carbon emissions. This approach aligns with Scotland’s environmental targets and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond rhetoric.

Social Value

The Reuse Consortium’s work goes beyond environmental and economic benefits. It also delivers significant social value. Our members include social enterprises that provide employment and training opportunities for marginalized individuals. By procuring through the Reuse Consortium, housing associations and local authorities can directly support these social initiatives, fostering inclusivity and community development.

A Call to Action

We urge housing associations and local authorities to harness the power of procurement in a way that benefits the economy, the environment, and society. By choosing the Reuse Consortium for your furniture and whitegoods needs, you are making a conscious decision to support a sustainable and circular economy.

If you have any inquiries or would like to learn more about our Reuse Consortium, please don’t hesitate to contact Nicola nicola@circularcommunities.scot or Rhoda at rhoda@circularcommunities.scot.