Our Reuse Consortium welcomes Scotland Excel joining the ‘Buy Social Scotland’ pledge.

This national initiative aims to strengthen opportunities for social enterprises within the country’s supply chains and is led by Social Enterprise Scotland.

‘Launched earlier this year, the Pledge brings together corporate businesses, SMEs, academic institutions, and public sector bodies who are looking to make a commitment to bring social enterprises into their supply chains.’

Circular Communities Scotland’s Reuse Consortium is proud to work with Scotland Excel to help public sector organisations buy pre-loved furniture from our social enterprise consortium members.

Scotland Excel is a leader in the procurement sector in Scotland and has helped to establish public procurement as an effective driver for local and national economic growth and wellbeing.

Its services are designed to help its members deliver sustainable services that every community needs whilst realising a host of social, economic and environmental benefits.

The Reuse Consortium is pleased that Scotland Excel is pledging to further engage social enterprises through procurement, and hopes this will continue to support reuse and circular charities and social enterprises in Scotland.

Stephen Brannagan, Scotland Excel’s Director of Customer and Business Services, said: “I am delighted we have signed up to the Buy Social Scotland Pledge to build on the positive work we already do with the third sector. We work closely with our stakeholders and the Scottish Government to support the third sector and we were proud to put this into practice at our recent Supported Business event.

“At this we brought the public and third sectors together to forge valuable links and share the success stories of our signage and domestic furniture frameworks, which include a supported business and several third sector consortium suppliers. We will continue to build on the positive impact this has on communities.”

If you have any inquiries or would like to learn more about our Reuse Consortium, please don’t hesitate to contact Nicola nicola@circularcommunities.scot or Rhoda at rhoda@circularcommunities.scot.