The Circular Communities Scotland Reuse Consortium is proud to embody and embrace the values of environmental and social justice.

Environmental and social justice are two sides of the same coin, where environmental benefits for communities often coincide with meaningful social outcomes.

Our Coordinator Rhoda Reid has spent some time connecting with our Reuse Consortium members to learn more about how they create both environmental and social impacts in their communities. Through her visits, Rhoda found that as well as the obvious environmental benefits, there are deeper and sometimes hidden social impacts that come from the procurement of reuse furniture for Housing Associations, Local Authorities and other public sector organisations across Scotland.

For example, our members are social enterprises, meaning their core business aims are socially driven, like Four Square in Edinburgh, which provides support services for people who are experiencing homelessness, and safe places for young women who are at risk. Stella’s Voice in Peterhead has an international mission and use their funds to provide much needed relief in other countries. 

This means when our buyers choose reuse furniture through the Consortium, they are supporting these vital social causes and helping to protect members of their communities who are struggling the most.

Our members also often offer employment and training for people who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to work. These opportunities can range from driving, warehousing, administration, appliance testing and repair to mattress cleaning.

Receiving quality reuse furniture as a tenant in a time of need can also be hugely impactful. The benefit to people and families who receive the furniture is summed up in ‘Ewan’s’ story.

‘Ewan, a single dad, was allocated a tenancy after living in temporary furnished accommodation with his young daughter. New Start Highland provided reused goods through the Reuse Consortium contract. He received a sofa, chests of drawers, a dining table and chairs and seemed overwhelmed with thankfulness in the voicemail he left for us. His breaking voice conveyed as much of the impact as the words he left …… “I just have to say thank you for the furniture I got today.  Everyone was so kind and even put it where I wanted it in the flat. After months of feeling useless and hopeless I think today is a new start for me and my wee lassie. Months in temporary housing is rubbish when you have a wee one to look after and couldn’t believe you even gave us a box of food. My wee lassie has her own place now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”’

Buying through the Reuse Consortium offers Housing Associations, Local Authorities and other public sector organisations the opportunity to support the environment and make meaningful social benefits to their local communities.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Reuse Consortium, contact Rhoda at